They became specialised in social content that cuts through by creating highly shareable video that generated hundreds of millions of views on a heap of issues from the Tampon Tax, Domestic Violence, the treatment of women to even the very serious issue of the Man-flu.

Briony and Clare also ran the in house branded content team creating hugely successful video content for brands such as Ford, Sunsense, Colgate, Big W, Snackbrands, Village Roadshow, Moccona & Tim Tams to name a few.

Briony Benjamin

Creator & Producer

Hello I’m Briony! I’m a passionate creator and producer who has spent the past few years as Executive Producer of Video at Mamamia Women’s Network, Australia’s largest media company for women, making kick-arse viral content.

In 2017 I directed the ABC2 documentary Big Bad Love, which focused on abuse and domestic violence in young women’s relationships hosted by kick-arse comedian Becky Lucas. I’ve also created cheeky viral content for organisations such as The World Wildlife Fund, Getup, The Climate Council and The Sum of us generating millions of views on some of the most complex issues facing our world through engaging and entertaining content. I’m absolutely passionate about producing for purpose and see media as a powerful force for change.

Clare Gerber

Producer & Director

Hello there, I’m Clare! Before moving in deep into to the social space at Mamamia Women’s Network I worked at the ABC as part of the original team creating the hit preschool series Giggle and Hoot. During this time I was pivotal in the creative direction of the series’ music, and produced a whole bunch of video clips, music albums, longform specials and even a co-wrote a live show that toured the country and performed at Sydney Opera House! This work was nominated for Australia Screen Music, ARIA, local and international PromaxBDA, AEAF, ATOM and Kidscreen awards.

I also Series Produced the 26 part longform series Hoot Hoot Go! …and have directed, edited and produced documentaries, series and live shows for MTV Networks Australia and Disney Australia.